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There is No Such Thing as a Merle Schnauzer

Buyers Beware of Merle and Blue Eyed Schnauzers

You have the power to stop the production of handicapped dogs

 All of us breeders that know the introduction of the Merle and blue eyes is not a good breeding practice, ask you to please help us keep these bad genes from bleeding any more into the beautiful, fun and loving Miniature Schnauzer breed we cherish so much.

Puppy buyers, educate yourself before you fall prey to breeders that are only breeding for the novelty of an unusual color, and not for the integrity of the breed.  Do a simple Google search using the terms:  dangers of the Merle gene.  You will be shocked and hopefully moved to reconsider the purchase of a "Merle Schnauzer."

Buyers beware and say "no" to the current Designer dog fad referred to as a "Merle Schnauzer."  The Merle pattern is not a part of the Miniature Schnauzer history.  AKC, the American Kennel Club, does not recognize the Merle pattern in Miniature Schnauzers (it is not a color).  A "Merle Schnauzer," or any non-Merle colored puppy from a Merle breeding, cannot legitimately be registered with AKC and hopefully it never will be.

BEWARE OF THE MSCA registration.  It isn't worth the paper on which it's printed.  MSCA does not stand for the Miniature Schnauzer Club of America.  It is the Merle Schnauzer Club of America.  It is a worthless registry these breeders are using to register both their Merle and non-Merle colored puppies.  This is especially problematic with the non-Merle puppies produced from a Merle breeding that may look very similar to a traditional colored Miniature Schnauzer.  Buyers believe they are purchasing a Miniature Schnauzer ("well hey, it comes with MSCA registration it must be legit") when in actuality they are purchasing a mixed breed Schnauzer that cannot be registered with AKC.

The Merle pattern is associated with serious health issues.  Even in the heterozygous (Mm) dog the (M) allele is associated with impaired hearing, eye defects, and problems with the immune system.  Considering the known health problems associated with the Merle gene, why are breeders producing them?  The answer is plain and simple:  money!

Another fad developing along with the "Merle Schnauzer" is the "Blue Eyed Schnauzer."  Blue eyes are often associated with the Merle gene.  If the blue eyes are not a result of a cross breeding with another blue eyed breed, such as the Australian Shepherd, then the blue eyes are a genetic mutation.  A good breeder; an ethical breeder; an educated breeder; would never purposefully breed a genetic mutation. 
Many breeders of the blue eyes are registering them with AKC, and unfortunately AKC will not stop the registration of blue eyed Schnauzers.  Inevitably, these bad genes will make their way into good lines.  It will eventually become impossible to track the blue eyed ancestors in an AKC pedigree.
The average pet buyer often has no idea what they are buying when they purchase a "Merle or Blue Eyed Schnauzer."  They take these breeders word, and the breeders are not telling them everything.  Or, the breeders are unable to tell everything because they have not done the research.  Few, if any of the "Merle and Blue Eyed Schnauzer" breeders are CERF or BAER testing (eye and deafness tests) their breeding stock. How many are offering a return guarantee if a Merle puppy becomes blind or deaf?  It appears many of these fad Schnauzer breeders have  jumped onto what they see as the money making band wagon with little knowledge or concern of the potential to produce handicapped puppies.  

Stop the fad Schnauzer breeders.  Buyers, your dollar is what matters most to "Merle Schnauzer" and "Blue Eyed Schnauzer" breeders.  Stop buying from these bad breeding practices. The power is in your dollar. 
You have the power to stop the production of handicapped dogs.
For more information on the health risks of the Merle pattern and its unfortunate introduction into the Miniature Schnauzer breed, click on the link below.  Warning graphic photographs of severely handicapped Merle puppies.